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Dear player, please choose your corresponding area and enter your email address so that we may notify you as soon as the game goes live!


1. Once you have entered your email address and submitted your request for pre-registration, we will handle the email address received from you through this event in accordance with all related laws and regulations.

2. Without the consent of the user, we will not provide, disclose, or share with any third party any of the pre-registration information that the user has provided.

3. Once you have submitted your request for pre-registration, we will notify you of the results by e-mail. If you no longer wish to receive messages from us, you can request that we stop sending you promotional messages by following the instructions for unsubscribing provided in these emails.

4. This event is available for players from Southeast Asian regions only.

5. Once the game goes live, we will distribute in-game rewards based on the number of people that have signed up.

6. Pre-registration rewards are limited to one exchange per game account.

7. If players are unable to collect their rewards due to problems with the system, complaints can be made via customer service so that compensation may be provided once a decision has been reached.

8. No request can be made to exchange, transfer or convert any of the rewards or items on offer during this event for cash or in-game items or currency.

9. This event may be changed or terminated without prior notification. Should any such circumstances occur, NetEase Games shall bear no responsibility whatsoever. NetEase Games withholds the right to interpret the outcome of this event as they see fit.